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No investment business ideas in india | Home delivery business plan full details

 The first thing to know is that in solving the problems around us, we can get employment!

Many of us are young, unable to recognize the talent hidden in them. It could be a well-spoken art! It with others can be a weedy weed. Maybe a genius who can persuade and persuade others! Somewhere, there can be honesty and goodness that do not deceive anyone!

Can I find employment if I have these? That is not to say, we can create employment, let's see how it is now

There may be an apartment in the colony where we live, and there are many more families living with us. Every family has its own problem. Elderly couples cause problems such as not being able to drop off children at school or pick them up from school on time, not being able to come out and buy their monthly necessities on their own, not being able to do things that come out, such as buying vegetables, paying electricity and water bills, and not being able to bring medicine. Being alone, both spouses are busy with work .... having some health issues, not being able to go out on their own, and also being unable to meet outside needs due to the corona fear at this time.


In such a case we need to establish good relations with the people around us. We need to convince them that if we entrust this work to them, they will definitely do it for us. We must show dedication in our work. Our words should show courtesy. If we have these skills we can definitely create employment. The same door delivery centre business or home delivery centre business. ”


First, we need to prepare and keep some "visiting cards". They should have a "Door Delivery Center" and our name and contact number.

Based on the contacts we have, we should describe the work we do, its style and specifics. Also, we have to take fees depending on the work they entrust to us. If we are agile and honest in what we do, we will automatically get more orders. The most important thing we need to keep in mind is customer satisfaction.

Anything ordered by customers is ok for example medicine, vegetables, essentials like any ...

 We have to go to the shops where they can be found and look for good quality and buy it and take it to the customer's house and deliver it. Similarly, they should be able to do the rest of the tasks assigned to them, such as paying the electricity bill and water bill, carefully and correctly. Customer trust should be our investment. Once customers have confidence in our style, they will contact us every time. It's not a money-making business ... Many in the corona movement have lost their jobs and are looking for other sources of income.

As usual, there is a good demand for the home delivery centre. Now is Corona Time so that demand will double. Because most people are not doing the adventure of going out for their needs at this time. So even for such people, our services are definitely needed. Moreover, it is a loss-making business in any season.

And if we deduct the cost of our bike petrol, the cost of our labour, the cost of our time, all that comes is profit ... Our income depends on the orders we receive. This business has no actual work with big studies. Reading, writing, having acquaintances with those around you, the ability to speak well, the weediness, the agility, the patience ... if you have these, you can definitely excel in this business.

The important thing is that this business can be set up specifically for the office or shop as needed. No need in advance. No licenses were initially required.

Customers have a phone number so when they call us we can go to their address on the phone, or directly to their address if possible.

Start your own business endeavour late for something else ... all the best!


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