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New Startup stories in india | Gaadi360 startup story

Hi viewers! Today I am going to inform you about a Hyderabad based startup with an innovative business idea. Because after watching this video, you too may have an idea to start a similar business.

Going into more details !!

Did your bike gets damaged suddenly ........ Can't give your bike for servicing for many days ...... Are you too lazy to give the bike for servicing due to work pressure ..... No more problems. Bike servicing services are now available wherever you are. The vehicle will be repaired and delivered to you at the desired time. No need to rush to service stations. There is no problem anywhere, the vehicle is taken out of the house and serviced and then handed back to the house. All you have to do is enter your bike repair requirement in a mobile application called Gaddy-360. That's it !!. After that, you can be relaxed. Hyderabad-based startup Gadi-360 has introduced this innovative facility to the people of Hyderabad.

Usually, many motorists postpone bike servicing due to work stress and negligence. This can damage the cart and damage the parts. Then more damage will be done to them. But servicing the vehicle regularly will allow it to last longer. On the other hand, many people fail to choose an authentic, reliable mechanic even if they want to give the bike for servicing. Gadi-360 guarantees quality, reliable and authentic bike servicing without much hassle under these circumstances. Currently, they are continuing their services in Madhapur, Hitech city, Kondapur, etc. "We are expanding our services to all parts of Hyderabad city," CEO Anil Garu said in a statement.

Vehicle users just need to download the app on their mobile phones and enter their bike registration number, address, etc. Representatives of the Gaddy-360 company will come directly and inspect the bike and identify the defects. Will take with them if agreed to repairs. The final bill will be sent to the mobile phone after the repairs are completed. Delegates then return the vehicle. These PICK and DROP services are completely free. Anil explained that it is enough to pay Rs 799 for service charges. If any of the spare parts are used it is sufficient to pay the money as per the invoice relating to them. These services can be obtained from the working office or from home.

“Our services are completely transparent. There is no secrecy anywhere. We use branded parts. We provide quality services. All motorists need to do is enter their bike model, brand, registration number, booking date and send it to us through the app. After that we will take care of everything ourselves, ”said Anil, CEO, Gaddy-360.

The basic principle of a successful business ... identify the problem ... solve the problem ... the same principle was used by the Gaddy-360 company. We all want this startup to run successfully and many of our domestic startups like this to come. 


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