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How to get training on pearls farming for self-employment. Full detaills about Pearls farming

 Those interested in this pearl farming, Please contact Professor Mathachan: 

Matachan Garu Pearl Cultivation Field is located in Kaduthodil village in Kasaragod district (Malakkallu post) of Kerala. Officials and scientists from Kerala, Karnataka and other states as well as from abroad are also visiting. On his farm he teaches farmers every skill through a 26-day course in pearl cultivation. Currently training in English for 26 days, half an hour daily, via WhatsApp. He said in an interview to a magazine that he would be able to start pearl cultivation after the training and would provide the necessary materials. The trainees will get Rs. Matachan said he would have to pay a service charge of Rs 10,000. This new farm he has been running for 21 years is still the ultimate pearl! More information about him can be found at (

Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA)

For those interested in pearl farming, the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA-CIFA) at Kaushalyaganga near Bhubaneswar in Odisha is also imparting training in English for 6 days on freshwater pearl farming. Farmers with experience in fish / shellfish / shrimp farming, NGO workers, public and private sector scientists are eligible. Only 20 people per batch. 20% of seats are reserved for women who want to take up pearl farming. The fee is Rs. 8 finger. Recent batch training from September 1 to 5. 

Those interested in joining the next batch should contact ‘CIFA’ Senior Scientist Dr. Shailesh Saurabh can be contacted. 


Stretch pearls are in good demand abroad. Round nuclei are inserted into shells brought from rivers and lakes. This is a task that requires a little skill. The 540 layers of calcium accumulate around the nucleus. In that order a fine pearl is formed. If the nucleus is any shape, the pearl is made in that shape. Oysters are placed in buckets, trays and placed in a cistern or pond water. Oysters grow by feeding on spirulina, moss, and plantain. The pearl crop is harvested in 12 to 18 months depending on the given diet. The pearls are exported to Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland and earn a lot of money.


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