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Wall Putty Making industry raw materials and Machines Suppliers in india

 Wall Putty making machine suppliers link : Wall Putty making Industry Before painting the walls, white paste is used to cover the small wholes and other imperfections and make them look attractive. This white paste is also used to fill in the gaps created by mounting windows and doors frames, and to fill the gaps created by fitting glass doors in frames. This white paste is called Wall Putty. In construction, putty is widely used in the repair of old buildings. You could start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start up cost. Competition for this Wall Putty manufacture is very low. The demand in the market is high. If you can make and market good quality Wall Putty, you can reap unexpected benefits in this Wall Putty industry.

Pasta Making machine supplier details in india

  Pasta Making Machine Supplier Details Link: There are many types of pasta making machine depending on production capacity and features. There are semi-automatic machine and automatic machine variants. In this post we have given details about semi semi automatic machine. Prices for this semi-automatic pasta making machine start from one lakh and fifty thousand rupees. Depending on your budget you can decide which machine to take.

Designer Candles making business raw materials and moulds suppliers in india

  Designer Candle Mould 1 (Price: 399/- ) : Designer Candle Mould 2 (Price: 499/- ) : Designer candles making raw materials (Price: 675/- ) :  Colored Candle Making Kit with Complete Supplies: Paraffin Wax Beads, Color Dyes, Candle Wicks, Aluminum Mold. Scented Candle Making Kit (Price: 999/- ) : Kalakaram Scented Jar Candle Making Kit with Complete Supplies: Soy Wax, Rich scents, Jute Embellishments, Candlewicks, Glass Jars.

Custom Water Bottles and mug printing business raw materials and machines suppliers in India

  White Sublimation Sipper Bottles: Epson Sublimation Printers: Single Mug Heat Press machine: Sublimation Papers: