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Handmade soap Moulds and raw materials Suppliers in india

 Soap moulds Suppliers in india Link: Handmade Soap Raw materials suppliers in india Link: Please check here website for more items if required (Handmade Soap making ) Link:

Latest business ideas | How to start banana chips making industry at home with low investment

Searching for Small business ideas in india? you visited the perfect website on New business ideas in india. Now let us learn about Banana chips making Business in this article. In this article we will learn about the newest business that can be started at home with low investment. If going into the topic Banana is one of the most widely cultivated crops in our Telugu states. The bananas are exported to other states in our country and abroad to 15 countries including Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Singapore. Since these bananas are used only for eating and cooking, they are not affordable to the farmers. But abroad, in some states like Kerala in our country, bananas are processed and various products are made. These bananas are used to make banana chips, banana wafers, banana powder, banana figs, fig juice, banana flour, and banana puree. There are also many health benefits to eating this banana. Many people think that eating a banana will make them fat. However, yo

Contact details for Frshly startup company in Hyderabad

 Frshly Website Link: Satish Chamyvelumani, CEO and founder of Frshly.

Links and resources of Online Business ideas from home

Selling Online Crafts There are many websites in the market to sell handmade crafts like this these days. but the ecommerce site etsy is very reliable. You can list your products and sell them worldwide and earn a good income. Webiste link: Self Publishing eBooks Amazon Kindle: website Link: AnyBooks App Link: Online Teaching VIP kids website Link:

Earn Rs. 50000/- per month with an investment of just Rs. 800/- | Profitable small business ideas

 Hi friends! In this article, we will learn about a business idea that earns 30 thousand to 50 thousand per month with an investment of just 800 rupees. Watch this video in its entirety and comment that if you like the video it is good, if you are already doing this business let us know your experiences in the comments. Much good is happening in our country. Festivals are even more so. Our country is home to people of different religions. Each religion has its own set of traditions, festivals, and good deeds. It is also customary to decorate the house, shop, office, stage, function hall, industry, and other places for festivals and festivities. Many businesses such as flower decoration and cloth decoration have sprung up using this decoration as a means of employment. Innovative ideas for such businesses can lead to self-employment as an investment in intelligence. This is the business of balloon decoration business. This business! A profitable business that can be

Homemade Chocolate making machines and raw materials suppliers in india

Below are links to find two price chocolate melting machine. Can see. Just we are giving information only. Buy with your own decision when buying. Chocolate Melting machine: 1) Electric Chocolate Melting Pot (Price: 845/-)  Link: 2) Electric Chocolate Melting Pot (Price: 1389/-) Link: Chocolate Slab: Morde Dark Compound Slab- 400 g link: The above mentioned melting machine and chocolate slabs are for homemade chocolate making business. Best Home Business Idea.

How to start a industry in village in india. How to start banana fibre industry in india

New Village industry ideas in india:: Here Banana fibre industry full plan explained below.  Hi friends !! In this artcle we will learn about the modern innovative housing industry that can be started at home in the villages with low investment.                             Everyone knows about the banana tree. We call it a banana tree but in reality it is not a tree. Banana tree stems do not form like other tree stems. Banana leaves are layered and stem shaped. So it is possible to separate the stem into layers. Since these layers contain fiber or fiber, they have the power to carry the weight of a banana. After the bananas are harvested, the banana tree is cut down and left in vain. Linen is made from banana stems and is used to make cups, plates and boards. There are many benefits to using linen. Banana is also used in the manufacture of textiles including handmade tissue paper, lamp presses, decoration paper, nursery pouches, carry bags, door mats, carpets, ropes, art p

How to start Biomass Pellets Manufacturing Industry in india | Village business ideas

Small scale industry ideas in india:: Hi friends !. In this article we will learn about the newest good profitable cottage industry that can start with low investment. If going into the topic Currently the price of gas is skyrocketing. Cooking sugar cane prices the same way. For hostels, hotels, bakeries and other food vendors, the cost of fuel for cooking becomes a daily burden. The solution to this problem is the recently available Biomass Pellets. Biomass Pellets Biomass Pellets are small pencil-like pellets made from sawdust, corn and peanut waste. Biomass pellets are used as an alternative to LPG gas key and firewood. Biomass Pellets are half the price compared to them. Moreover these are available. No harmful smoke. The walls are black soot free. Biomass stoves are specialized for using Biomass Pellets. These stoves are available in the market in various sizes, priced from Rs 3,000 to Rs 50,000. Due to their low cost compared to gas, they are widely used in Dabalu, Ashram mal

Small industry ideas in india. How to start AAC Blocks making industry in india

 Hi friends! In this article, we will learn about a good profitable small industry idea nowadays. Innovation in the manufacture of AAC blocks i.e. autoclave aerated concrete blocks is a major breakthrough in the construction industry. Positive features such as being able to withstand climate change as well as being light weight and heat tolerant. AAC blocks have become very popular in building construction in recent times. So this AAC block manufacturing industry can be a good self employment path for you. Now let us know what are the raw materials required for the manufacture of these AAC blocks.  Fayash (thermal power plant waste), lime powder, cement, gypsum, aluminum powder. Now let us know what are the machines required for the manufacture of these AAC blocks. 1) Mixing machine. It is priced at Rs. Starting from the 18000s 2) Cutting machine. It is priced at Rs. Starting at 1,60,000 3) Autoclave machine. It is priced at Rs. Starting at 5,00,000. The prices of these