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Startup business ideas in india | GrabOnRent Startup and entrepreneur story in india

This is the story about the inspirational successful Indian young entrepreneurs. GrabOnRent is a platform to rent different products, be it furniture or party accessories or even camping gear. Once a user logs on to the site, they can browse different products and compare the prices, their delivery pay for the item. The product is checked for defects before it is delivered to times etc. After selecting the item, users have to make security deposit and the customer so that there is no confusion in case of accidental damage to the product. GrabOnRent startup story video link: I hope you like this video and subscribe to our channel for more updates. Thank you!!

Entrepreneur ideas in india | Success Story of Rishika Chandan in india

That's her new idea. The result is .. The Home Saloon. Success story of Rishika Chandan in india. most inspiring entrepreneur story of rishika chandan in india. Rishika Chandana Success story video in telugu: If you ask Rishi how did you come up with the idea of ​​starting an original home salon? That is, there are no such salons. Then came the idea of ​​this mobile saloon. Essential commodities, food items, renters, etc. are all in front of the house. Why can't the services of well-trained therapists be added to customers' homes? Come on. Sharpened that idea .. I have written an armored plan. And so .. The Home Salon originated.

Small business ideas for womens india. Inspiring entrepreneur story of Mrs.Sridevi

Searching for Small business ideas in india? you visited the perfect website on New business ideas in india. Now let us learn about Small business story in india. This is the article about the inspirational story of successful women entrepreneur Mrs.Sridevi. She aims to be good to the environment. That is why he chose a career path for himself, making the most of the land. Others showed a source of income. Sridevi belongs to Yadavaripalli of Cherukottigall mandal of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Story video link: "Once upon a time, we were the livelihood of dairy farms. The cost of grass, water and labor has become more and more a burden to livestock. I want to borrow from there I have been granted only Rs.50,000 for my qualification but it is only Rs.5 lakhs that the makers of the amphitheater will be able to do business together in August 2014. The hardship is gone ... Until then, except for dairy cows, this business wa