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How to start grow bags making business at home with low investment and get high profits

 Hi! In this article we will learn about a good home business idea that can be done with less investment. Going into details ... the population is gradually increasing in urban areas. Migration from rural to urban areas has increased. The common man is getting supportive with the prices rising day by day. People who go to the market for vegetables look at the price list and say Wammo. Demand is rising due to lack of vegetable cultivation in line with population growth. Also corporate companies have infiltrated in vegetable cultivation. Also in some areas sewage is used for vegetable cultivation. Experts say that consuming products grown with chemical fertilizers can gradually lead to dangerous diseases such as cancer. People who have experienced these consequences are growing vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits organically in the backyard and upstairs. Upstairs is mostly cultivated as lack of space is a major problem in urban areas. Doing so not only improves the health of the home

Machinery suppliers for small industries in india

 Machinery suppliers for small industries: Blu Impex Company. The company is headquartered in Delhi. It has branches in Hyderabad, Calcutta and Bhopal. This company supplies machines for many industries, such as  Automatic leno and pp woven bags making machine, non-woven bag making machine, slipper making machine, Automatic N 95 Face Mask Making Machine, Wet Wipes And Wet Tissues Making Machine, 3 Ply Medical / Surgical Mask Making Machine, pasta making machine, pens making machine, noodles making machine, paper pencil making machine etc.. Hyderabad branch address of this company: Blu Impex,  Cell: 9912888848/9676692405/9667603083 Land Phone: 040-29888568 # B-16, Laxmi Complex, Near Metro Station Gate - B, Pillar No -950, Erragadda, Hyderabad - 18. Website: Blu Machines, Contact: Mr. Shivaram Phone Numbers: 99128 88848, 90522 21444, 96676 03083. Website: Note: The company can only contact them between 10 am and 7 pm.   Turmeric Powd

plain pop sockets and heat press machines suppliers of customize pop socket business

 Raw Materials & machines of customizing pop socket business 1. Heat press machine (15x15 size machine is suitable for us. Its price starts from 11 thousand rupees. 2. Sublimation papers. Prices start from Rs 220 per A4 size, 100 paper packet. 3. Sublimation printer. epson company printer starting from Rs 6800. 4. Black & White Sublimation pop sockets. These are available for between Rs 15 and Rs 20 when purchased wholesale. Buy these 50, 100 or more in the quantity you want. 5. Epoxy laminating resin & Epoxy laminating hardner. Prices start from Rs 300 per liter. 6. Sublimation tapes. The price of each tape is 75 rupees. If these are four, five will suffice. 7. Desktop or laptop is required. We use them if we have them in our house. Otherwise buy an old desktop or laptop for less. Note: Prices change from time to time. So to buy what is not given will require an investment of about 25 thousand rupees. You can buy a machine depending on your sales and financial capacity. A

small business idea at home | How to start aloe vera powder business at home | Business Ideaz

 Hi, I'm going to tell you about the latest business idea in this topic. I am going to inform a product manufacturing business which is in good demand in the market. [ How to make Aloe vera powder at home!] It is said that the importance of beauty and health among the people has increased these days. There are many types of medicinal plants in nature that are good for our health. Especially aloe vera is widely used by everyone. Aloe vera is also used in various medicines, beauty products and juices. We use aloe vera in a variety of ways. There are many uses as well. We apply aloe vera paste to the face. People with gastric problems take aloe vera in water. Aloe vera is high in vitamin C and B vitamins, and aloe vera powder also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Also this Aloe vera protects the layer on our skin. Prevents wrinkles caused by age changes. Aloe vera powder is also used by many companies in the manufacture of certain products. This pow

No investment business ideas in india | Home delivery business plan full details

 The first thing to know is that in solving the problems around us, we can get employment! Many of us are young, unable to recognize the talent hidden in them. It could be a well-spoken art! It with others can be a weedy weed. Maybe a genius who can persuade and persuade others! Somewhere, there can be honesty and goodness that do not deceive anyone! Can I find employment if I have these? That is not to say, we can create employment, let's see how it is now There may be an apartment in the colony where we live, and there are many more families living with us. Every family has its own problem. Elderly couples cause problems such as not being able to drop off children at school or pick them up from school on time, not being able to come out and buy their monthly necessities on their own, not being able to do things that come out, such as buying vegetables, paying electricity and water bills, and not being able to bring medicine. Being alone, both spouses are busy with work ....

New Startup stories in india | Gaadi360 startup story

Hi viewers! Today I am going to inform you about a Hyderabad based startup with an innovative business idea. Because after watching this video, you too may have an idea to start a similar business. Going into more details !! Did your bike gets damaged suddenly ........ Can't give your bike for servicing for many days ...... Are you too lazy to give the bike for servicing due to work pressure ..... No more problems. Bike servicing services are now available wherever you are. The vehicle will be repaired and delivered to you at the desired time. No need to rush to service stations. There is no problem anywhere, the vehicle is taken out of the house and serviced and then handed back to the house. All you have to do is enter your bike repair requirement in a mobile application called Gaddy-360. That's it !!. After that, you can be relaxed. Hyderabad-based startup Gadi-360 has introduced this innovative facility to the people of Hyderabad. Usually, many motorists postpone bike

How to get training on pearls farming for self-employment. Full detaills about Pearls farming

 Those interested in this pearl farming, Please contact Professor Mathachan:  Matachan Garu Pearl Cultivation Field is located in Kaduthodil village in Kasaragod district (Malakkallu post) of Kerala. Officials and scientists from Kerala, Karnataka and other states as well as from abroad are also visiting. On his farm he teaches farmers every skill through a 26-day course in pearl cultivation. Currently training in English for 26 days, half an hour daily, via WhatsApp. He said in an interview to a magazine that he would be able to start pearl cultivation after the training and would provide the necessary materials. The trainees will get Rs. Matachan said he would have to pay a service charge of Rs 10,000. This new farm he has been running for 21 years is still the ultimate pearl! More information about him can be found at ( Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) For those in